James Chantry is a UK artist, he has exhibited in: London, Edinburgh, Yorkshire, throughout the East Midlands, China and Taiwan.  James is a PhD by Practice, Fine Art, candidate at De Montfort University Leicester.  He is Arts Development Manager at Charnwood Arts, a community arts organisation in Loughborough.


His practice explores the links between the supernatural and queer identity.  Utilising fragments of heritage to form a symbiotic relationship; he produces installation work through: drawing, sound, printmaking, photography, found materials and interactive technologies.  In recent work the literary ghost story and mediumship are thematic frameworks, alongside specific geographic locations.  In particular queering liminal wildernesses, such as fenland and the edge lands between city and countryside.  His aim is to create new worlds from the past, that consider: identity politics, psychogeography, supernatural, science fiction and history, in a queer and hauntological context.

His PhD thesis is titled 'Ghosts from the past: New Queer Realms through Art and Technology'.